About Us

Go Life Mobile Technologies (CK Number: 2013/067324/07) creates beautifully tailored and affordable iPhone and iPad applications in South Africa and Turkey, either personal projects or corporate ideas. Our expertise is mobile application development.

Businesses and customers are increasingly mobile. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that mobile is just for big businesses with limitless marketing budgets. Mobile technology has many benefits for small businesses, as well.

  • Mobile applications help you brand your business. Branding is important for all businesses, but especially small businesses. A mobile application will give your consumer a quick and easy way to stay in contact with you, see your information, your vision or mission statement and identify your logo with your products or services – all of this while your customer is on the move!
  • Develop and use special promotions for application users. One of the best ways to get customers involved is to create special alerts for loyal customers who download your app. Not only will this engage return customers, but also this feature will entice new customers to try your mobile application.
  • The future of paying is mobile. Some large companies like Starbucks are already taking advantage of the ease of payments via mobile devices. The ability to make payments through their smartphone, would allow customers a convenience that would save them time and show them that your business is innovative and cutting edge.
  • Keep an eye on your business app stats at all times. Know where and when customers use your app so you can personalize promotions for specific groups of customers on your mobile app. Also, watch your numbers increase as word of your mobile app gets out!
  • Be social with your customer. Mobile apps lend themselves to “socializing” with your customer online through social media. You can easily integrate social networks like Facebook and Twitter in your app and encourage your customers to follow you and spread the word about your business through their own status updates.

There are really innumerable ways your small business can use mobile apps to their advantage and just as many ways you will benefit. It makes good business sense to create a mobile app for your small business and start innovating today.